Sunday, December 14, 2014


Job 38:16

The ocean to me, has always been a favorite. While going into the ocean isn't as fun as it used to be-staring at the waves from the shore still brings me joy, and a peace. What is it about the sound of the waves, that just clears the mind, and makes breathing easier? My favorite thing, in almost all of ever, is being at the beach at night. For a couple of reasons. One, being that the sun is not this red-headed, freckled girl's friend. Second, being the quiet, the still that doesn't exist during the day. Depending on the beach, sometimes at night too...(I'm looking at you HB!)

I love talking to Jesus during those moments. The moon is lighting up the ocean,and  the waves are crashing with consistency. I think what blows my mind beyond all else, is how huge the ocean is. It's vastness, the parts that are unknown, and un-reachable, it's scary and it's crazy beautiful. 

Job chapter 38 is my favorite chapter in the Bible. It is titled (In my ESV), "The Lord answers Job". So many times it has been extremely applicable to where I've been in life. In my doubting, in chaos, in wondering what is going to happen next, when I don't feel like letting go of control. 

In verse 16, the Lord's like-listen up Job. Stop listeing to your "friends" and your wife. (They're the worst) I've been where you've never been, done things you will never have the ability to do. 

He's capable of so much more than we give Him credit for. Don't put God in a box. Don't underestimate His power, or how far he will go/has gone to prove His greatness, and His love for you. 
If you're at a chapter in your life, where you don't feel like God is present, or is even CAPABLE of doing what your heart needs, because of where you've been or what you've done? I highly recommend reading this chapter of Job, but first get on your face. Ask Him to reveal parts of His plan for you, SEEK HIM. 

Our God controls the movements of the waves, He commands the morning, and puts dawn in it's place. He gives wisdom, and understanding to the mind. He numbers the clouds. 

GUYS. He is capable of EVERYTHING.

He has good/great/perfect reasons for doing what He has done/is doing/is going to do.
NOTHING is a surprise to Him. He knew/knows what was/is coming, and He has a plan.

Roll with the punches.
He's got this.

I love you guys!

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