Thursday, November 13, 2014


Looking back into the past year, I would like to believe that I was more aware of how ungrateful I was being. I stopped complaining, and started appreciating. I became more aware of the people in my life, and how much them being IN my life alone, meant to me. I became more aware of the feeling of contentment, because I always had food to eat. I became more aware of the roof looming over my head, while I slept in my oh-so-comfortable bed, under my down comforter, with my head on my down pillow. I have so many people in my corner in life-so many people who want the best for me, want me to succeed, want to read more of what I write, want my opinion, want my hugs, want my time. What did I do to deserve any of those things? I was born? I didn't even have anything to do with that! The fact of the matter is that I do NOT deserve any of those things (Also...while I was typing 'deserve' Beyonce was singing it in my ears "Best Thing I Never Had"...I felt like I was in a movie...ANYWAYS...) I wake up thankful to be alive every morning. I am thankful that I can swing my legs off of my bed, and stand on my own two feet. I am thankful for the running water I use to wash my face and brush my teeth. I am thankful for the clothing I own, that I paid for with my own money, that I worked hard for, at the job I have had for 10 years and am so thankful for. I am thankful for the overpriced coffee I can afford to buy and drink several times a week. I am thankful for the words that are often shared with my friends over those cups of Iced Vanilla Chai (With Soy). I am thankful for Ekklesia, the High School Ministry at my church, that I have been a part of for 7 years on Monday! I am thankful for the people I serve with, and have served with. I am thankful for moments. Thankful for memories. Thankful for laughing. Thankful for songs that make me dance when I'm in public (I'm writing this at Barnes & Noble and Chris Jamison's (The Voice) version of Ed Sheeran's "Don't" came on, and I definitely was grooving and just like whatever..shoulder shrug..I dont care..)

All of those things make my heart happy.
They don't define me by any means, but they definitely bless me.
What defines me? My Savior. He does.
He not only gives me a map of the windy roads in life, but He walks it with me.
He not only stood at the door of my heart, and knocked, but He wanted to be invited in. I did, and I do.
He not only wanted to spend eternity with me, but He died an awful death so that I could.
I am so incredibly beyond thankful, but I am so undeserving of such grace.
I don't understand, and I won't until I'm seeing Him face to face.

I wish I had answers for the people that are hurting.  I wish I could do more than attempt to relate His love to them. I wish I could show their heart what my heart feels, when the Lord whispers in His still small voice words of love, and peace. I wish they could see themselves through my Savior's eyes. I'm thankful that the Lord is willing to use me to be His hands and feet to attempt such fete's.

Let's remember this upcoming holiday, not only the huge things we have to be thankful for, but the small little details in our lives, that we don't even think to be thankful for. As a typical Thanksgiving blog closing-Let's remember not only 2 weeks from today, what we're being thankful for, but EVERY DAY.

I'm thankful for YOU!