Sunday, October 5, 2014

Count it all

When we learn a hard, but valuable lesson, our general first instinct is (a) The option WITHOUT Jesus-which is just plain surviving, or (b) The option WITH Jesus. You cling to Him- You take deep breaths, you cry, you laugh, and you get excited. His purposes are SO far above ours you guys! NOTHING that He has us endure is in vain. It is ALL intentional. It is ALL for a reason. When things are done to us, against us, etc; How cool is it to know that God knew the strength of our heart, and knew that we would be able to handle the trials that He was about to allow. 

My heart rejoices still in the midst of suffering, because my God is greater, and stronger, and loves me beyond what I will ever be able to comprehend. I will never ask again WHY God is allowing something to happen-because I know if I am patient, and allow my life to play out according to God's will-any question I ever have/have ever had, I know will be answered. I'm a huge believer in the fact that God also allows us to go through things, so that we might be abe to share our experiences with others. It's the coolest to experience God's joy after a storm. To experience the burden's lifted, and replaced with an overwhelming sense of love, and belonging. Nothing is too big, too small, too anything. HE IS BIGGER than any of your tricky situations, your heartaches, your grieving. 

A couple of nights after I wrote those first two paragraphs, my friends and I spent some time reading God's word. We didn't have a set book of the Bible in mind-but we decided on James. Chapter one is SO applicable to what I had written the blog about-my heart felt like James had been written for me. The verses about counting it all joy, and putting on steadfastness/asking God for wisdom and WAITING for it. Jesus meets us where we are at and reveals His truths and answers EXACTLY when we need to hear them. WHAT A SAVIOR.

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