Thursday, October 10, 2013

Words: Part Two

Have you ever said something, and then after it leaves your lips-you're left wondering "Where did that come from?"... But sometimes it's exactly what the other party needed to hear? Two words for you... HOLY SPIRIT... often gives us words of encouragement, conviction, knowledge...SO amazing. I've stopped asking (where), and started saying thank You. What a privilege to be a vessel, for the Words of God. AMAZING!!

For the longest time, I thought maybe I was losing my mind, because normally I think before I speak and I would find myself saying things that I didn't remember thinking. Then it hit me, and I started realizing the effect my words were having on the people I was speaking to. It's like on Wednesday nights, before our youth groups meet. All of the counselors meet to pray over our kids, missions, the staff, worship team, etc. So often one of the prayers we find ourselves praying is that our pastor would be emptied of himself, and that he would be full of God, and that every word out of his mouth would be ordained for a particular heart. I LOOOOVE that!! I love the idea of being a messenger for the Lord. Isn't that one of our purposes, while we are on this planet...if not our main purpose? Sharing the good news of Christ? Letting others know how much He loves them? IN recent times, I have been so convicted about who I share the gospel with, how often, where, when. I've made excuse after excuse blaming my lack of furthering His Kingdom on my shy personality, or how evangelism is not "one of my gifts." But, after a study a couple of months ago, I heard by Jack Hibbs; I've felt like my attitude has changed. Who am I to prolong someone's walk with Jesus?

I have the opportunity to share my heart, my experiences, and God's love with everyone, but I let something like an inclination to be crazy nervous all the time dictate that. Jesus died for me, the VERY least I can do-is live for Him, and tell people about Him.

I challenge you to the same heart check. Are you keeping your love for Jesus, close to your chest? Or are you wearing it on your sleeve?

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