Tuesday, April 16, 2013

This is the sound of settling (buh buh buh buh)

We all say that we would never settle for less than the perfect match that God has for us. Let's be real though people. If some dang good looking member of the opposite sex starts paying "extra" attention to you, but doesn't share in any of your goals,values,beliefs? You have a harder time walking away. PERIOD. Don't even TRY to tell me different. Physical attraction has EVERYTHING to do with everything. Then there is the other kind of settling...The kind where people date or marry someone simply because they take an interest. Doesn't matter what they look like, believe in, do-or don't do for a living; They are in front of you, they think you're beautiful, and they like you. SO, you go there. I can speak from (almost) experience, when I say how easy it is to let yourself imagine a relationship with someone who shows interest. I am not in any kind of relationship now, and I'm sorta thankful. Any maybe's-almost's-sorta's-could be's that I've had in my life in the last decade or so-haven't been God's perfect match for me. I'm excited to finally meet that one (Eventually). The one who God has created just for me. I've wondered WHY NOT HIM?! So many times in my life. It'll be good to find out/understand why. WHY God had me wait. Waiting for that answer, and waiting for the best is reason enough for me not to settle. It's the patience while I'm waiting that's harder to come by. BUT I'm willing to wait for that "Can't-eat, can't-sleep, reach-for-the-stars, over- the-fence, World Series kind of stuff." (Forgive my MK&A-1995-It takes two reference, but it's one of my fave's!) I don't want to settle for someone less than perfect for me, and then have to deal with a mess before I can get to God's best for me. Oh, I can't wait to blog about him!

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