Thursday, September 27, 2012

Round One.

Alright well.... To whom it may concern,my so-close-to-my-heart friend Britney has been hounding me to start a blog for forever. I've tried and failed twice. I kept one up for a long while, but the posts were relatively juvenile. My purpose behind this blog is to share my heart. Transparency is something I'm terrified of, but treasure with so much of who I am. I truly LIVE for going deeper with people. On some fronts and in some situations it's harder for me due to history, or to feelings. I hate confrontation, but understand its necessity. I like being completely honest with people, but there are times when you already know (or think you know) what the other party is going to say, so you bottle it up and you put it under pressure until you either stop trying to solve the issue at hand, or explode. I'm super sensitive, and super emotional. I am a stereotypical girl, only EVERYTHING makes me cry... Boy bands, dance groups, almost EVERY commercial has the potential to open the flood gates. Which (all of that being said...) is why I have a hard time with the whole "let's talk about what happened..." or the "You made me feel THIS way.." thing. BUT! Hopefully this blog is not about me. I want to share what the Lord speaks to my heart, and what I've gone through/am going through in my walk with Him. My end goal is to encourage. Simply, and maybe not so simply. I'd like for there to be open dialogue, and I want to be available for you to just vent...or to get prayer...or to ask questions. I'm an emotional investor, and strive to be a good friend. Not meaning to be cliche but my door is ALWAYS open, and I look forward to befriending you in every social media format! XOXO, Magdalene Barbara

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